Friday, May 23, 2008

Are Fridays still a big deal....

Once retired you'd think Fridays wouldn't still be a big deal. Well, to us they are...why you ask?
After 'working' all week my husband and I love our Friday evening. Fridays and Saturdays are when we allow ourselves to have a couple of drinks ( alcoholic type ). We've been on a kick lately of having what we choose to call 'Seabreeze''s vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice mixed and sometimes we'll add a wedge of fresh refreshing!
Unless we have company through the week, the only time we drink alcoholic drinks is the weekend. Although we're retired, we are busier than we ever were working. The difference is we're busy doing things we enjoy for the most part. The other part of that for my husband and I is we need to find ways to bring in extra money. We retired ill prepared and must face our reality. It is what it is! I'm trying to get my art out there for sale and I've also started locally baking pies for sale. It's a case of try, try and try again until it's successful and profitable. My husband has taken up his passion for woodturning. He's doing especially well with the pen area of his business. We still believe networking and word of mouth from exisiting customers will bring more reward than anything else. I guess we'll find out over time, right?
Oh yeah, let's not forget my Etsy Store and blogging!

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