Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well, today I knew I wouldn't get much chance to work on plates. Had some family things to take care of and for the next while it may stay that way.
Most of the afternoon was spent talking to various people on the phone both personal and web related....... It's funny that trying to find places to put my art is much like the networking that once was part of my job. You learn to deal with the rejection. If it's 'no', move on. Many times it's a numbers game until you get a 'yes'... you know, the 80/20 rule. The message... never give up.
My heart is telling me to stay with it and there will definitely be reward.
My neighbour called and said we should get together and celebrate our own Mother's Day and invited me to lunch tomorrow. She loves coming over from time to time to see the new plates I've made and had purchased two for gifts in the last little while...

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