Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood...

Recently, I've been researching other opportunities to sell my art and today a local B & B has agreed to take 5 pieces on consignment so drove out to the B & B which is about 50 minutes away....what a beautiful setting on the south west side of Rice Lake. My husband came with me and she had asked for some landscaping advice as far as plant locations, types of plants to grow, etc. etc. Landscaping has become another new passion in my life since we retired. We then took a short drive, had lunch and came home.
I need lots more exposure so will continue to call local B & B's, gift shops, etc. If anyone out there in cyber world has suggestions, I'm all ears...!!
It has been raining heavily in our area since lunchtime and isn't letting up.
This afternoon I finished a plate with music theme and started a 'drama' type plate. Fun!

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