Friday, May 16, 2008

On my mind.....

Today I spent most of it getting a pre-op for a surgery I need. It's a two hour drive up and two hour drive back so had lots of time to think.
Allow me to share. A week or so ago there was a woman who has an etsy shop that was feeling kind of down herself. So, she decided to give some joy to others and to help her feel better. She actually gave away 8 of her very special shop items. Other shops told her why they would like one of her pieces and she had the difficult task to pick the 8 lucky, well deserving people to receive her art.
I'm rather new to Etsy, but that really has touched me and I REALLY love her work!
I encourage others to visit her shop...absolutely stunning! Her shop is
I know there are many more like her in the Etsy community and over time I will learn of many more I'm sure. But for now I want to acknowledge this special person.
I especially loved the swan necklace. Take a look! I've also featured one of her pieces in My Favourite Shops.

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