Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wierd day......

Slept in as I didn't get any sleep the night before...boy, I needed that!
I spent today in slow motion and couldn't find my groove. I did manage to start researching possible places to market my plates and listing the contact information. I hope to start making some phone calls and sending out emails to some possible venues next week.
I finished another plate and will post shortly.
I'm having one of those days where your mind knows you're doing the right thing to stay committed to my 'art', but my heart is getting a bit discouraged that it's not happening fast enough. I have no intention on giving up though. My intuition is telling me my efforts will be well worth it.
I made one contact today that could lead to more so that was encouraging. Many people tell me they love my work. I just need to find the ones that not only love my work, but are prepared to invest in it as well.
I'm wondering if some people just aren't plate people and maybe I should look at doing some decoupage work on canvas as well........Hmmmm!

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