Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Beautiful Day....but, I cooked and baked all day

It's an absolutely beautiful day here today, but I needed to be busy indoors.
Since my Dad isn't very well and can't/won't cook for himself, I decided to make up a few meals and do some baking for him. I know if all he had to do is microwave something, he will eat.
My aunt who was also quite ill is now at home and thought I'd cook a meal for them as well.
So, I made some homemade macaroni and cheese ( my special recipe ), apple crisp, and banana breads.
I then drove it into my father and my aunt. Both were very appreciative and it will help them out a bit. I also took some groceries to my Dad. He's lost over 35 lbs. since January and needs to start adding back some of the weight so his strength is better. He was relieved when I bought him chips and dip and Pepsi and told him he needed to eat a bit of 'junk' food to help put some weight on. I think that made his day. I also took him some homemade Christmas fruitcake which he absolutely loves. ( It's the last of the holiday cake ) Personally, I don't like it but I make it for my husband, my Dad and a few friends. All gone now, until the late fall.
Came home, had a cocktail, walked our gardens and then had our own dinner. I don't plan to do much else today. Oh yeah, we have a bathtub again so plan to have a bubble bath! We are close to getting ready to tile around the tub and then thank god, we'll be able to have showers again.....can't wait!
Needed to take a break from the plates and all that that entails. I'm a bit discouraged that I've had no sales recently, so took a break. I need an attitude adjustment!
I'm going to spend the evening browsing other shops on Etsy.
My youngest daughter called today and we got caught up. She was telling me that my little 8 month old grandaughter is having some eye and sight issues and in all probability will need glasses very soon. She said she was going to get another opinion first. Although it's tough to find out a little baby already needs glasses we both agreed, there were many more things that would be worse...thank God, it's only glasses.

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