Monday, May 19, 2008

Too tired....!!!!!!!!

It's been a very long, tough two days and we're not done yet.....bathroom pretty much gutted and when we lifted the floor, discovered two more layers of flooring under the first...omg! We got that all pulled up and then had the brutal task of pulling approx. 1000 - 2000 nails and staples out of the sub floor...brutal job.
This afternoon my cousin's husband who is a professional plumber came and helped us remove the old tub, put in the new one and re-do all the plumbing for the tub and fixtures. It would have taken us three or four times the time to do it with no guarantees at the end that it wouldn't leak somewhere.......worth paying to have it done.
I'm so glad this isn't something that needs to be done too often.....
Let me tell you two days without a shower or bath is not fun....and certainly not fun for anyone that had to be around us......I'm sure.
We had a friend stop by about gardening and we donated some splits of some of our own plants to get her started on a new garden..... I love sharing and getting different plants from friends. It not only means more but it sure saves money!!!!
Well, too tired so off to bed!

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