Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Going a bit crazy at the moment ( hmm...maybe I'm already there ) My husband is in the hospital and waiting to hear if his problem clears up or he'll need surgery, Friday I go into hospital for my surgery, and as if that isn't enough I'm trying to deal with my father and the many health issues he's having at the moment....omg, I need a drink! Hey, that's a great idea...tonight for sure. I can't eat or drink anything after midnight tomorrow night so what the heck! Based on what I've been told I won't be eating or feel like eating for a few days after my surgery...throat surgery is never fun, apparently. Oh well, it will all be just memories before too long..I thought at the age of 60 life was suppose to be easier....NOT!
I did manage to finish a couple plates that I hope I can post tonight.....we'll see. Some good news is that I've had inquiries about two or three custom order for plates pertaining to people's pets...yeah, I love doing those custom works!
Well, gotta run. I bought some ice cream cones and some maple walnut ice cream to indulge myself a little....yum!

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