Friday, May 16, 2008

Home Reno.....

Today I went to the family breakfast for my Mom's side of the family....many there today ( 20) We spent some time talking about the family reunion planned for August of this year. It's a really big job trying to organize a reunion. We started planning last summer and still have a lot to do...evcnts to plan, menus to plan, locations to book, etc. etc.
Afterwards, time was spent at Home Depot and Rona buying the required stuff to gut and renovate our main bathroom. Aside from the mess and the tremendous amount of energy that goes into renovating a bathroom, I'm REALLY not looking forward to having no shower available for a few days. Spoiled or what?
The reward will be when that new soaker tub is functioning and I can have many "Calgon, take me away" moments!
I've managed to do another two plates and in spite of the reno, I hope to get the photos downloaded and posted to my Etsy store by for them! I've done a music theme plate, a theatre theme plate, a movie theme plate and two floral plates.
Well, must go to bed. Tomorrow I have a two hour drive to go through a pre-op for a throat surgery coming up in two weeks.


Shototech said...

I really like your Companion plate since I am an animal lover. What a great idea!
I would like to order a couple plates and I will read more carefully what you need.
Great site - you are creative !!

Marg Hamilton said...

Shototech: Thank you so very much...I'm so happy you like 'Companion' I'd be honoured to do personal plates of your four legged friends, be they cats or dogs or whatever. You can convo me on my etsy site for details and there is a place there to indicate a custom order....thank you again.