Friday, May 9, 2008

Fun Day.....

The morning was spent working on a new plate and then going to town to do some personal business for my father.
My neighbour and I then left to have a fun afternoon. We went to a small town near us and had a really terrific lunch at the neatest little Tea Room. So-o-o-o good! We ate and talked and ate and talked for over two hours and then went driving in the countryside around the area.. I wish I'd brought my camera as there were some wonderful photo opportunities. ....Next time and we agreed there would be a next time for sure.
When I got back home my husband had arrived back from his day.We had a couple of drinks and sat outside and talked about our days.
Tonight I'm going to get back to my plates.
All in all such a fun day! Life is pretty darn good all things considered.
I'm going to review my Etsy sight and see what's happening there.
Tomorrow I hope to start working on a store for eBay....feeling a little more confident about tackling that next.

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