Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ho-hum day........

Did laundry and then decided it was just too nice out to be inside.
We've spent four years designing, planting and adding many new garden areas to our property so it's a perpetual thing to maintain, but I really enjoy it. I get alone time and I find it very calming to care for the plants. In turn, it allows me quiet personal time to be introspective.
It's so exciting to watch all of our plants, grasses, bushes and trees come into full bloom and take pride in all our hard work. I'm constantly wanting to add new plants and flowers and move others around. Our neighbours tell us they love the view and love to see what we'll do next.
Oops, drove buy a nursery and yes, purchased another few plants for my rock garden.
My husband spent the day vegging out in front of the big screen TV to watch the Indy and then the Nascar races. Like I said, a pretty ho-hum day.......

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