Monday, October 20, 2008

Down south ........time with my family here

We arrived last night to spend a few days with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson. It was so cute earlier in the day...we were driving and my daughter called our cell phone and said my grandson was upset because we weren't there yet and he thought his Mommy hadn't told him the truth about us he had to talk to me to be sure we really were coming.. I so love this little guy and we have such a special bond. Tomorrow he and I are going to make peanut butter cookies in the shape of pumpkins and decorate them...his attention span isn't real long yet so we'll see how he does... He is such a happy boy overall and really affectionate and loving...but nevertheless, he's definitely a boy in the sense he loves to rough house.
I'll be checking my email and Etsy shop daily but tonight can't get into my site.....darn! Will try later though.
It's my Dad's birthday today...he's 89 years old today...I'm pretty sure I'll never make it to that age....he's still driving and although earlier this year he was really ill, it appears once again he's bounced back...I told him before we left that I'd make him a pumpkin pie when I get home. He's SO happy when I do that! A whole pie to himself..yeah! There's no point in buying him stuff because there isn't much he wants or needs. I will have to do that very shortly after arriving home or believe me, I'll get a call wanting to know where his pie is....glad to do it!

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