Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Feeling really crappy...!!!!

In the past two days I have developed a full blown cold and tonight, I almost feel I'm in the flu stage...chills, slight fever and just generally uncomfortable. Isn't it awful when you feel like this and have things to do?
We had one of our family breakfasts this morning and there were a LOT of us today...
20 adults and two babies today...Wow, our poor waitress was worked hard today! She is wonderful! The regulars, she remembers every single person's order, every single person's name and actually looks forward to us coming on Tuesdays..
My husband and I had some errands to do today. One of those was to shop for new cell phone service. We've had the same cell phone for four and half years and the service provider just kept increasing the costs. We found a brand new phone today with a service provider whereby the phone was free, and the basic service we wanted was half the cost of what we were paying AND the store added a $50.00 gift certificate in with the offer. We could never get service in the area we live UNTIL today! We thought there was no signals in our area and it apparently turns out it was our phone that was the problem. Needless to say, we got the new service and the new phone. I asked them at the store if they knew any charity that takes old phones and they gave me two in the area, so I'll drop our old phone off there sometime later this week.
My husband and I have to go in to town on Friday to advance vote as we are both working at a polling station for our election on October 14th....the USA isn't the only country in the midst of a lot of political rhetoric...Can you tell I'm cynical?
I spent some of tonight sending out resumes over the internet. One of my cousins dropped in for a while. He had given my husband a very large deer antler last fall and my husband turned a pen for him as a gift. He liked it and wants my husband to make three more pens that he'll pay for to give out as gifts.
Tomorrow, depending how I feel, I have a couple of more resumes to send out responding to a couple of postings on line and then I need to get back to making glass blocks and plates. At this moment, I don't feel like doing squat.


AccentEnvy said...

I know your pain. I get allergies every time around this year that take its toll on me much like your symptoms. I go through boxes of kleenex. Hope you feel better!

esque said...

Luckily, the cold only got me a little this season! I hope you get better soon (a nice hot cup of tea helps).

maggiemagsart said...

Ahhh! Thanks you guys..I appreciate the sentiments...a little better today..hope tomorrow is even better..I'm taking medicine with codeine in it so get the drowsies...I suppose that's a good thing!