Friday, October 10, 2008

Up and Down Day...

I got up early for me this morning (7am) and had my coffee and cigarette...felt so lousy I went back to lay down and got up at 10:20 am. I had to shower and go back into town because the letter stickers I got for the custom plate ended up being too small... Did some last minute grocery shopping before our very busy weekend. I made two pies to take to the family Thanksgiving dinner at the camp. I made a pumpkin pie and a chocolate pecan pie.
It's been an up day as I was notified I was one of the shops featured in the 'indiecraftcorner' blog so felt happy about that and grateful. However, I'm trying so hard at the moment to 'stay up'. I'm SO disappointed in my sales on Etsy thus far and seriously hope I get a few in the next week or two. My heart tells me I'm doing exactly what I should be doing, and I love it, but I need a boost in my morale at the moment. I hate when I get feeling like this, but with everything else going on in my head, I could really use a major positive reinforcement.
This nasty economy really sucks in more ways than one but I'm in this for the long haul..I'll just have to pout every now and then..I guess I could call it one of my pity parties.
Another up part of the day was I heard from the person who just recently purchased one of my plates from my Etsy shop and was told she 'Loves it'! OK, I'm grateful, I just want to be more that a bad thing?

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