Friday, October 3, 2008

Sleep, sleep and more sleep....and STILL tired..

How can a person sleep the largest part of three days and still feel so beat up and tired....the coughing is so bad, I'm not getting consistent sleep so I suppose that's it. I'm usually such a solid, sound sleeper. My rib cage is actually sore from coughing so much.
I have two really busy weeks coming up, so I hope this is over SOON!
At 2 am this morning I couldn't sleep, so went down to my shop/studio and made two more glass blocks.
My Etsy shop is getting 'busy' with so much going on. I think when I'm feeling better, I'm actually going to open up another shop just for my photography.
I'm busy reading other people's blogs and I'm going to pick a few to follow. ask. Many of the blogs I've read have great creative and marketing content and others have really touched me with what's going on in their personal lives.
Reading blogs can certainly make you appreciate the life you have, even though there are days you might think your own life could and should be better.
I'm taking on a pretty big responsibility by trying to help my nephew and his little girl. He really has so much growing up to do for his age and he really needs tangible help and emotional help. I can't even begin to give him all of that, but I can do my best to find the people who can.
Ok, tired to sleep I go!

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