Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yes, it's the flu..........

Went to the medical centre yesterday and confirmed I have a full blown flu...I feel SO lousy at the moment! I've spent most of the last day and a half sleeping. At least I have medication now and hopefully this thing won't take too long to run it's course. I'm one of the world's worst patients....I hate being sick! Too much to do, but at the moment just too weak to care.
I'll talk to my nephew tonight who's going through really tough times and see how he's progressing with his plans to move to this area and to get legal custody of his little daughter. He's made some really poor decisions in the past and is trying to get himself straightened around. Family members I've talked to about his situation are willing to help but we need to figure out the best ways to help him. He needs to grow up and do most of this himself in order to start feeling better.
When I'm feeling better, I'll start calling the social agencies in our area to see what might be available to him. I'll also start gathering information for him like map of the city, bus routes and times, food banks, etc. etc. I feel a real need to help him. He lost his mother (my sister) when he was just a little over three years old. My sister was killed instantly in a head on collision. He has a lot of issues that relate back to this very sad time in his life.
Well, I'm heading back to lay down, AGAIN!
I'm really going to try and get some glass blocks made tonight while I watch the American Vice-Presidential debates..Boy, this ought to be interesting to say the least!

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