Thursday, October 9, 2008

Well, I pretty much wasted this morning....

Went to our family breakfast and then went on a search for clear mini lights, with white electrical cord and only one end with the plug...and I hit every major store and the not so major stores in this city with none to be found. Furthermore, I was told by two separate store clerks they will not be getting them...they've discontinued stocking them...........what's up with that? Last year, I struggled to keep supplied because the stores told me they couldn't keep them on the shelves. As soon as they'd stock their shelves, the product would be gone! Now, wouldn't you think with that kind of demand last year, someone would have the common sense to make sure they had lots this year? Oh, Noooooo! I even called a few of the stores in Toronto that I thought would for sure have
I guess if I get down south in a week or two to spend some time with my daughter, son-in-law and my little man, I'll have to see if I can find them down there. Gosh! It sure is frustrating! If I can't find them I'll have to discontinue making my glass blocks.
I'm still feeling really crappy and the fatigue is almost overwhelming at the moment. I have SO much to get done .....!!
We spent yesterday getting training to work at the election next week. Omg, more frustration..two 'old farts' trying to teach other'old farts' and they wandered all over the place and confused me even more. In this country, we still use paper ballots and what's involved would boggle the mind! You look at all the paper work and the mass confusion, and it kind of shakes your faith. Boring, and not much further ahead as far as being informed. It will be a long, long day..the polls are open 12 hours and we need to be there one hour ahead of time to set up and then it will take another hour or so to count the ballots, call the vote for our polling station in, get the supplies boxed up, the ballots sealed in a box and then need to take it to the main polling station approx. one half hour away. We're in the little village, so I plan to take a coffee pot, lots of coffee, and LOTS of snacks and munchies!!!!
This Saturday, my Dad's whole side of the family (those who can make it) are going up to a Camp for one very large family Thanksgiving..yes, this is our Thanksgiving weekend It should be great but I need some energy and enthusiasm at this point.
I hope to finish one custom plate on order and still have three more custom orders to go. I'm already tired and haven't even started this next week yet..what was I thinking?...Oh yeah, I obviously wasn't!

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