Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!

Yes, tomorrow is Canadian Thanksgiving Day and a legal holiday. At this very moment, my house is filled with the fall cooking smells. I have a 25 lb. turkey stuffed and cooking on low and will cook it all night and part of tomorrow at a very, very low temperature. I just took a Dutch apple pie out of the oven. Yum!
We are having approximately 28 -30 people here tomorrow afternoon for a Thanksgiving dinner. We obviously will eat buffet style but I've had as many as 75 here, so this amount won't be too bad.
The weather here has been spectacular and the fall colours in the area are the richest I've seen them in years.
The drive up north yesterday was wonderful. Unfortunately, my battery in my camera died. I was really bummed out about it, but then, I have no one to blame but myself..dummy! Our family dinner at the camp yesterday was so great. The lake was so calm, the colours so vibrant, and there were over 60 family members in the lodge dining hall. We ate ourselves silly. One thing about my family, is there are amazing cooks and bakers. We ended up with enough desserts for almost double the people that were there. Needless to say, everyone got leftovers. My chocolate pecan pie is always a major hit and I was told I should have brought year!
The kids grow up so fast. They just love running around the camp property!. My cousin and her husband that have a cottage at the end of the same lake, came up by boat. The boat is a pontoon boat, so the kids had so much fun going out for rides. We didn't stay overnight, but some did and apparently they had a bonfire.. gosh, I remember those fun highlights of my own childhood!

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