Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's going to be a good day.........

As opposed to yesterday....
Yesterday started out great with the family breakfast and I went my way to do some errands and my husband went his way to do some errands...I get a call about an hour afterward and my husband is at our local trouble. Well, the end result is he barely made it to the mechanics with his van..end result is the transmission is shot and will cost almost $2500.00 to replace with a rebuilt. We just can't afford that for a van that's eight years old and has over 300,000 kms. on it...SO.. we're waiting to hear from our mechanic to see how much he can get for us if we turn it over to a junk husband is SO upset as he loves his van. I guess we'll be down to one vehicle!
The great news though is my nephew that was in Afghanistan will be arriving in about one half hour...he's safe and home....can't wait to see him and catch up.
I made three more glass blocks last night and hope to get a couple of plates done today or tomorrow.
I also have over 300 bulbs that I'm late getting planted so MUST get that done today.
Our cousin Christmas Tea and Gift Sale is one week Saturday and still have a lot to do to get that all ready. Whew! Busy time of the year.

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