Friday, October 17, 2008

Productive day....

My day started by going to the medical clinic to be checked out and get results of a chest xray I had yesterday...even though I still feel poorly, the good news was I do not have pneumonia which is what they were beginning to think. I apparently have a viral infection and bronchitis so on to a new regimen of medications and I've been told this particular viral strain probably will last another week...oh, yeah!
I am beginning to feel a bit better but very, very tired.
I really hope the next couple of days I improve enough to make the trip to North Carolina with my husband to spend time with my daughter, son-in-law and my little man. I saw him on webcam last night and he's growing up so fast. He'll be four years old next month! He's fun to talk to now and can carry on quite the conversation if he's not distracted by his love of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, High School Musical...after all, one does have one's priorities. He's really into dinosaurs at the moments so I think that's what we'll get him for his birthday...we'll see.
I made a carrot cake this morning and put a cheese platter together for my husband's woodturning group. The executive met here tonight.
I then managed to almost finish a custom plate I have to deliver by the weekend. My aunt ordered it for her son's future in-laws. It's a momento of the day her son and his new fiancee got engaged. It's turned out quite nice even if I do say so myself.
I got some more glass blocks cleaned and ready to decorate.
I called one of my cousin's who celebrated a birthday today to wish her 'Happy Birthday' and she sounded like she's coming down with what I've had.
Tonight I called my sister-in-law to wish her good luck on the weekend. She's walking a complete marathon. I'm really proud of her as she's the same age I am...yeah, I could see me trying to do that....NOT! It turns out she's starting to get the cold as's everywhere apparently. I hope it doesn't cause her to have to back out on Sunday....she's worked and trained so hard to do this.
OK, I'm officially tired and off to bed I go.

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