Sunday, July 20, 2008

More of the same...

Continued my cleaning mission today...another floor done but pooped out before I got to the last floor....tomorrow.
My day started by going to put on my glasses so I could actually read something and they snapped in two........damn! A trip tomorrow to the optometrist.
I then suggested to my husband we go for a drive and to one of our favourite ice cream shops in a village about 20 minutes away. They used to have a flavour called 'McIntosh Taffy' just like the slabs of taffy we used to buy when we were kids. My husband LOVED it! Sadly, when we got there we found out they no longer make it. He had the Rolo flavour instead and I got maple walnut....still awesome ice cream though.
Had left overs for dinner and then I went outside and took some photos. I've been trying to sit out there and wait for this really neat red Finch to come back so I can get a, not today.
I made some phone calls tonight and now I'm just taking it easy browsing different site on the web.
Oh yeah! Got to see my little grandaughter on the webcam today. Poor little 'sweetpea' had an ear infection all week...but better today finally. I get to see her in person in a few daughter is bringing her to see her 'Grammie and Papa' on Labour Day weekend.
Talked to my oldest daughter tonight, but my 'little man' didn't feel like talking. He was too into his Backyardikins movie...priorities you know. LOL.

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