Monday, July 7, 2008

A Special Angel.............

Well, our morning started by discovering that once again my husband's IV had gone bad. Through this process a very special nurse practioner in our village has come to the rescue each and every time his IV's have blown up. We were going to our local Medical Centre for her to install a new IV. Over the weekend however, we were suppose to head to the Emergency Dept. of our local hospital and that would mean waiting hours to be dealt with....and my husband could not deal with that at the moment. Our very special nurse practioner, our angel offered to help out over the weekend as well. That is above and beyond the call of duty. She isn't even getting paid for any of this and yet has taken it upon herself to help us out. Today, when the vein blew I called her at her home ( she had given me her number ) and she told me to pack up the supplies needed and if I'd drive my husband to her home, she would put in a new IV. We did and she did.
There is a lot of ugly stuff going on in the world right now, but there are still wonderful, moral, caring people who truly are willing to help without thought of reward....God bless those people.
We had lots of wonderful caring phone calls today checking about my husband and about me as well.
My husband and I started putting the BBQ back together today and will finish it tomorrow....yeah! I'll finally be able to barbeque again..a good thing.
Tonight, I worked on my sister-in-law's projects and will finish that tomorrow as well.
I did the laundry and did dinner and then have kind of chilled out for most of the evening.
All in all a pretty OK day.

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