Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where did my day go?

...mind you I slept in until 10 am!
I had a couple of cups of coffee and my morning cigarette and then sat outside and watched the birds at our bird feeders for a while. It was extremely humid here today. It had rained most of last night so everything looked so green...I love it after a rain! We have a really big blue jay that shows up periodically and I just love watching him. We have about five or six different types of finches that come to one of the feeders. I love to listen and watch them...
I then decided to spend a lot of my day retaking some of my plate photographs, taking new Christmas plate photos, and some photos of my Christmas lighted glass blocks. I kept retaking, deleting, retaking, deleting...are you getting the idea? Finally, I have a few I'm happy with and there are still others that need to be redone again. It will come. I think I need to use some of my creativity to make my photos stand out more....I'll get my thinking cap on and come up with a few original ideas.
My husband's IV is still running OK.(Keeping our fingers crossed!)
We spent part of the day paying bills and that is never fun unless you have lots of money and then you really don't need to worry. It's a struggle with us and this past year and a half has been especially difficult with all the added medical related expenses....mind you we should have been in better financial shape before he retired but we weren't for many reasons I choose not to get into......we will get by....that's been how we live...getting by! For two smart people, we sure have done a lot of dumb things and now we pay....
My husband spent the evening watching the Nascar race and I spent some time on the phone and then sorting out what pictures I want to load on to my Etsy site.
Tomorrow is laundry day and I hope to get my various sites up and running.
This coming week is really busy with bloodwork appointments, doctors appointments and then a meeting to host here as well for the executive of the Woodturner's Club my husband belongs to...busy, busy.
A special thank you to my oldest daughter for helping me add Google Search to my blog as well. I thought I had it figured out but after my daughter walking me through the steps I realized what I did wrong...I am trying to learn this stuff. At almost 61 years old, at least I'm trying!
If my Mom were still alive, today would have been my parents 62nd wedding anniversary...
Thinking of my Mom, I want to cut some of the daisies in our gardens this week and take some out to both my Mom and my sister's graves...daisies were both their favourites.

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