Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel.......maybe true!

My husband went to the doctor today and we got some good news. He can come off the IV and the Vancomycin after the treatment on Saturday....halleleujah!!! We will most definitely have a drink and quiet celebration afterwards...This has been one long process! He had to have a new IV started today but the doctor did it in his office. He said that was a first for him.

I have spent a lot of time today listing some new items in my Etsy shop and I'm still at it. Go check them out! I am beginning to get tired and a bit punchy so may resume tomorrow at some point.

I'm helping my aunts make up hamburger patties for our upcoming family reunion and then straight home. Our oldest daughter is teaching a seminar at the moment and wants her Dad and myself to get on the video webcam during the seminar. Is that not a pretty cool compliment that we are considered for this seminar..neat. I'm not sure if this is question and answer...oops, forgot to ask that..guess I'll find out tomorrow.

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