Monday, July 21, 2008


Tonight, I finally managed to get some photos of the red finches that have been frequenting our bird feeder...three days I've waited. Yeah! Then a big added bonus as the hummingbird showed up just afterward and I just kept snapping pictures. I took about 40 and there is about 6 that are just wonderful....then my camera battery went dead and I need to recharge it before I can download them. I'm SO excited. Silly isn't it to get that excited about pictures of birds...but I don't care. I'm ecstatic!!!
Spent most of my day in town doing errands. Of course, first on my list was to get my glasses fixed. Not to be...damaged too badly for a quick fix. I won't get them for about a week. Good thing I can use the cheap dollar store reading glasses to get by!
My husband is having his Woodturner's club executive here for a meeting tomorrow so we got food ready for that. I'm going to make pinwheel sandwiches and we put a couple of cheese trays together with kielbhasa and grapes. And guess what, some of those cookies I made and froze will be their sweet.
I have a doctor's appointment to get some help/answers to some 'issues' I'm having.
I'm about to sit down and relax and watch Canadian Idol. My oldest daughter might call and try to help me with some website issues but that will be it for me..early morning for me. Those who know and love me know I don't do mornings very well.
When I was out shopping today, I bought our little grandaughter a child's phone that's really cool...maybe she will leave Mommy's Blackberry alone...maybe not.
Are any of you out there in blog land checking out any of the Etsy shops I feature on my blog? There are some really amazing and wonderful things...and really talented fun!

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