Monday, July 14, 2008

Watch my Etsy Store......

This week I'll be adding a few new plates to my store and I'm just starting a new section for Christmas and will continue to add Christmas things as I make watch! Maybe you'll see something you like or you think a friend or family member would like as a gift....Hmmm, maybe!!
I'm also going to try and list things on another store website that is based in Canada. It's called I'll put an announcement on my blog when I get it up and running.
I'm feeling very ambitious this week but my husband also has a lot going on medically, so we'll see.
We got to see our daughter, son-in-law and our special little grandaughter yesterday on webcam. She's growing so fast and learning new things everyday. She looks so cute with her little glasses. She looks so much like our daughter did at that age! Gosh, sometimes I feel so bad that we all don't live closer. My daughter says she's coming up with the little one for Labour Day so I can hardly wait.
We saw our 'little man' last week on webcam and it's getting to be so much fun talking to him. He carries on some pretty neat conversations now. Again, I so wish we were all close enough that it was just a couple of hours drive to see each other.....not to be.
I think they've been a great motivation for my husband to keep up the fight.

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