Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting ready.........

for a family reunion for August 1,2 and 3rd. This will be the first family reunion ever for my Mom's side of the family. I'm so sad that Mom isn't here to participate. She would have loved the whole thing! Sadly, my Mom died a little over four years ago.
I spent most of today shopping for things we will need. There are about five or six of the local relatives that have basically planned most of the weekend. We all have food stuffs to make for the events planned but the rest of the planning is pretty much finished. We will have one last meeting tomorrow night to make sure everything is ready. We're having a 'Meet and Greet' on Friday night with family entertainment and some stories. One of my aunts has been working on a very large scale family tree which should be interesting. Some of the little relatives are going to do some performing. Should be fun! Saturday morning is group photo and the lunch time and early afternoon is for the kids at the zoo. In the evening, many of us will be going on a dinner cruise, go through our Liftock, and then a fireworks show. Sunday is games and fun day at a local park with a BBQ and some games, prizes and a soft ball game. It should be a lot of fun but busy, busy! I sure hope there's no rain for this weekend...omg, we have no plan B!
I'm doing a Family Reunion plate with my grandparent's wedding picture and will donate it as one of the door prizes for the Friday night.
It has rained almost non stop all day to day. We have had SO much rain this summer.
I went to see my girlfriend's mother today. I love spending time with her and she's always been a second mom to me. She's had some health issues lately but she is so spunky and independent. She's an amazing woman and I love to hear some of her stories. She was a prisoner of war during WW II but a lot of that is too painful for her. She talks a bit about it but only in the past few years. I admire her so, so much. She always wants to feed me and you never leave there without a little food care package.So cute!

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