Monday, July 14, 2008

A pretty good day....

Well, I started with my morning coffee, etc and sat outside and watched the birds for a while. Did the mundane stuff like changing bedding and getting laundry started. I then spent a couple of hours at the computer using Microsoft Digital Imaging to crop, enhance and resize some of the plate photos I took yesterday. There are still some I'm not happy with and I'll redo.

It was such a gorgeous day that both my husband and I spent some time in our yard just puttering at weed pulling ( omg!.. it is so overgrown right now ) I have a garden of Asiatic Lilies out back and they had all fallen over from the weight of the flowers...sooo, I cut them all and did two beautiful arrangements for our home. I still had enough left over so I wrapped them and my husband took some over to our neighbours who've been so wonderful through all of this.

Again, back at my computer and then my husband's vancomycin started and within ten minutes it had blown the IV site again. Although on vacation, we called our 'angel' and left a message telling her it had no treatment at the scheduled time. So I removed the IV and we waited to find out what we should do next.

In the meantime, I prepared one of my husband's favourite meals. We had lamb loin chops done on the BBQ, baked potato, and a broccoli salad I make and then homemade apple pie for dessert. I 've now started selling my apple pies as I've had people ask if I would sell them one or we'll see how that goes.

At about 8:30 we decided if we didn't hear back from our 'angel', we'd have no choice but head to Emergency to get them to restart the IV. Just a few minutes later our 'angel' called and said she was home and if we felt like driving to her place she'd restart a new IV. We did and she did, although it took 3 tries this time. We got back home and my husband got the pump restarted. We will see how long this one lasts! If it can last until Wednesday, we go see the doctor that ordered all of this. We are hoping he will tell my husband he can quite for good by the coming weeked....cross our fingers!!

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