Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Pleasant Day..........

This was a good day. I got to sleep in and then got to work on our BBQ finishing the painting required.
The home care nurse came to add the new bag of medication for my husband and do all her follow up and will be back again tomorrow. My husband got to have a shower before he was reconnected. Yesterday, we also managed to give him a hair cut ( badly needed ) so he's beginning to feel a bit more human. He watched Wimbleton and then spent some time sitting outside as it was such a beautiful day.
We got to see our grandaughter on webcam and see how much she changes each time. I think she's so cute with her new glasses. She's nine months old tomorrow. Where does time go?
I spent most of the afternoon working on my sister-in-laws projects. I managed to get to the half way point and only have three more to do.
We then went into town and went to Home Depot and bought a new hummingbird feeder. The darn squirrel got up and bit holes into the one I had. This time I've bought glass. Hah!...try and bite that you little beggar!
After that, we met one of my cousins at the local park and band stand and found our seats for the Matt Dusk concert tonight. Once we had my husband settled, we went across the street to the Greek restaurant and bought some food to take back to our seats. My husband is still eating very little but he did enjoy the food and the change of scenery.
The concert was amazing and both of us really, really enjoyed it. We left just as the fireworks were starting as my husband was starting to get chilled....but a nice evening.
As I'm writing this, we're getting a little worried about his IV site. The medication has started it's evening session and we think the IV site might be blowing we go again.
I'm trying to add a bit each day so he feels like on some levels his life really is beginning to be normal again. Maybe tomorrow I can take him for a drive and to his favourite ice cream shop for a treat....we'll see.

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