Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yeah!!!...the end.

Finally, my husband is off the IV's and the Vancomycin, hopefully never to do it again! We celebrated tonight with a cocktail each when the treatment ended around 5 PM.
He can finally have a comfortable shower tonight....he has missed that..a lot.
I'm SO tired. I spent the entire day cleaning two levels of our house. I did walls, cupboards, closets, floors, etc. etc. When I do stuff like this I realize I really am getting older. I just had a really hot shower to try and help my muscles and back. After we had dinner, I could barely move. I still get down on my hands and knees to wash floors but I think that method will end soon.
I have two levels to clean tomorrow and then our house is finally back in shape inside. Once that's done, we can concentrate on the's so overgrown with weeds. What was I thinking when I added so many gardens to our property? I know. I was thinking we could make this property look SO amazing and we're getting there for sure. I never meant for it to get in such rough shape but we'll get there.. weed by weed.

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