Monday, July 28, 2008

Long day....good news!

Well, we left home early this morning to go to Toronto for a six month follow up with my husband's liver surgeon..but he had to have two different CT Scans first, then bloodwork at Toronto General Hospital and then over to Princess Margaret Hospital to see his surgeon. This whole process takes time and we didn't get to see his doctor until after 4 pm. We then went up to my girlfriend and husband's home for dinner. They barbequed a turkey and it was really delicious. We spent until about 8.45PM there and then started home. The traffic was so brutal that when we got to Oshawa, my husband decided we'd take the back roads. We didn't get home until 10:30 PM.
The good news was his liver looks good. My husband had a liver resection two years ago this month. The cancer part of my husband's issues is doing OK at this point. He will have to have another colonoscopy this year but for now things are on the positive side. She wants to see him again in six months when once again he'll need another CT Scan. My husband has seven different doctor's now.
I'm tired and am heading to bed shortly...a lot to do this week!

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