Friday, July 4, 2008

Home....but still a struggle

My husband has been home for three days now and although he is incredibly relieved to be home, he still is struggling. On a physical level he's had to have his IV redone twice already as the vancomycin blew up his IV sites and caused a lot of pain and swelling. It's apparently the nature of this drug to cause these kind of problems. Because of the cost of the oral version, we have no choice but to persist with this IV process. He needs another 16 more days to complete the whole cycle required. At the rate he's going to date, that means another 8 or 9 more IV's that have to be started.
The harder part of this is the pyschological....he is really, really struggling to maintain a positive attitude. He had a breakdown last night and said he wasn't sure he could keep this up. I'm sure part of this is the fact this has gone on for so long and he doesn't feel any better. The other part is the drug causes such havoc with the whole body's system that he feels totally beat up.
It helped keep him a bit more motivated today as he got to see both of our grandchildren on this morning and one tonight. Seeing them reminds him he has to do his best to keep up the fight.
He has lost 28 lbs. as of now and still eats very little, but he does eat.
I started refurbishing our BBQ today. That was another thing my husband had taken completely apart to fix prior to this journey we now find ourselves on. Since I'd really like to do some barbequing before the summer ends, I have to work on doing what's necessary so I can cook outside.....

I'm also in the middle of completing a fairly large craft project for my sister-in-law. I'm doing 6 shadow boxes in memoriam to her Mom. I have a deadline to meet as she needs them by July 14th. She plans to give each of her sister and brother's each one at their family reunion.

I'm hoping my husband feels well enough to take him to our local park for the outdoor concert and fireworks tomorrow night...Matt Dusk is performing and we both really enjoy his singing. He's a bit like Michael Buble who we like as well. These park concerts are great. They are every Wednesday and Saturday for the entire summer and they are free. Aside from the entertainment, they have one of the best 'Chip trucks' and I'm addicted to home cut french fries. Yum!!! Also, for a small city, they have a really wonderful show of fireworks.

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