Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Only one life.............damn!

We all know we only have one life...but don't you wish you could start again sometimes? Well, we can't! I often wonder if we really would do things differently. We are all well intended, but what price are we prepared to pay to live from what we've learned, resist compromising our life's dreams, really tell the truth ALL the time and what would the trade-offs be...hmmmm!
I had wonderful plans when I was young and really did believe I would accomplish them. One problem, I really never made a concrete plan and obviously wasn't prepared for the sacrifices to get them or I'd at least have accomplished some of them.
At best, I've ended up average, but thought when I was younger, I'd be a force to reckon with and make a very permanent mark on this earth.
I am a really good person, but not remarkable.
Don't you wonder what are the traits in those persons who have made a significant difference in history, science, social change, the arts, etc. etc. What is it??

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