Friday, July 11, 2008

Well, we're back to managing an IV and Medication........

Well, the call came this afternoon from our 'angel' saying my husband's doctor was happy with the last bloodwork so wanted the IV started again except he only wants one dose per day run and by Monday he wants new bloodwork done before the dose is given on Monday. So we went to the Medical Centre and a new IV was started. At about 5 pm, the home care nurse came to our home and hooked the drug into the pump and we begin the program again. We hope this IV lasts a while, as our 'angel' has gone on vacation for 10 days.
I've spent some of today taking new photographs of some of my plates and then spent some of it starting the setup for another site I found to sell my 'art' on. This one is a Canadian site...
It will probably take me most of this weekend to get both shops set up the way I want. If I have any extra time to myself, I really want to start doing some more plates. I've had all kinds of ideas running around in my head....we'll see what the weekend brings.
With the scenario we are currently dealing with you don't make definite plans. One day at a time.

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