Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good News....Bad News!

Well, the good news is our bathroom is now completely finished..........YEAH! My brother was kind enough to take time out of his day and helped me mount the mirror back on the wall and hang the closet doors. It ended up being a little more complicated and a lot more work than either of us thought it would be....gosh, I hate bifold doors.

The bad news is my husband's IV went wrong last night and we had to shut everything down after his treatment last night. While the vancomycin was running in, he kept complaining it was very painful and didn't get better. I phoned the Home Care nurse and was told to shut if off. She came early this morning and discovered it was no longer viable and attempted twice to start a new luck at all. I then called the nurse practitioner I go to in our village and she said she would do it if I brought in the doctor's order and the equipment provided by home care. She got the new IV in on the second try and then the Home care nurse came back and reattached the IV electronic pump. She called the doctor and he wanted to check it all out so we had to go to his office this afternoon. He told my husband that no pic line or porto cath could be used as he's on Coumadin. If they have to do that my husband would have to be readmitted to the hospital and none of us want that.... so we are going to keep this up as long as possible. He could go the oral version of vancomycin but it costs over $1400 per week and would not be covered by home care.
With our financial situation the way it is, this would bankrupt us in a very short period of time. He's doing much better tonight...
He needed a reward so one of our local fish and chip shops has a Wednesday night special for $5.00 per person so we took advantage of the special. He REALLY enjoyed it and it's the most I've seen him eat at one sitting in quite a while. Although no where close to what he used to eat, it's a positive step.
He's just so shocked at how weak he is and finds that very frustrating...he may be home, but he can't do a lot just yet...but he's home!

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