Thursday, July 10, 2008

This was a rather uneventful day.....

Today began with taking my husband to the Med. Centre for more bloodwork and then we were asked to drive it into the lab in order to get a quicker reading and quicker results...ah, the joys of a small village and small medical practice. It worked though. My husband was told later today that the kidney creatinine test was improving slightly. He goes again tomorrow afternoon once again for bloodwork. Our 'angel' is going on a well earned vacation for the next week and a half so there were lots of arrangements to make. The doctor who originally ordered the Vancomycin will be taking over and monitoring everything while our 'angel' is away. We have an appointment with him the middle of next week. He is NOT a happy camper about all the screw ups.....and he isn't alone. This whole process has been so frustrating and we wonder what the long term effects will be on my husband. We still don't know if he's going to have to go back on the Vancomycin but he sure is in better spirits and feels better without the IV and the Vanco.
As for the rest of the day, I manage to clean the grids to the BBQ ( gosh, that's so messy), did a bit of laundry, got caught up on email, made some phone calls, made some appointments etc. etc.
We FINALLY used the BBQ tonight. I had taken out very small steaks and we put one potato on the bbq to cook and then I made this simple veggie thing that has goat cheese on it as husband loves it! It is so, so difficult to meal plan and cook for him at the moment though. His portion of steak was about 4 inches long and no more than 2 inches wide and about 1/2 inch thick and he only ate 1/3 of it and about one quarter of the 1/2 baked potato and was complaining he was full. His appetite is not improving at all. He's eating a bit more variety but quantity is pitiful. If I didn't know better I'd swear he had his stomach stapled.... but that's my weird mind at work.
As for me, I had a really 'dumpy' day mentally and my mood wasn't the best...I'm tired, angry, fed up, and constantly ask myself if things will get any better. My rational mind says to stay positive but I'm just overwhelmed and upset at our situation on so many levels.

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