Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A busy baking day.........

Well, today I spent most of it baking. My husband has to see his doctor tomorrow who is monitoring the MRSA and the vancomycin. So, my husband wanted to take something to the staff in each of the surgical areas he spent so much time to say thank you. Instead of spending a lot of money on boxes of chocolates or something like that, I suggested I bake some oatmeal and peanut butter cookies and take each area a big platter to, that's what I did. He also wanted a small plate made up for the two janitors that are based in this area all the time. These two guys would spend time each day talking to my husband, telling him jokes and just generally bring a bright spot to his day.Since I was making them, I decided to make extra for my husband's woodturning meeting on Thursday and to make up a box to ship over to my nephew who's on duty in Afghanistan at the moment. I'll add it to his care package. I ended up making almost 600 cookies.
We had a company come today to clean out our septic system as it hadn't been done in three years. It's worth the money to maintain these septic systems. The guy was telling me today, that if you have a septic back up or tile bed problem the minimum to replace a septic system at the present time is around $8000.00. Whew! ...definitely don't want or need that kind of problem!
Our neighbour came again today and mowed our lawn for us. He and his wife are very special people.
My husband walked to the local clinic today to get some bloodwork done. The exercise will help but it absolutely beat him up for the rest of the day...he just napped on and off all day.
We had a surprise short visit from some friends who live in Collingwood. They decided to stop in and see us on their way back from a holiday down to Nova Scotia. Gosh, I'd love to take another trip down east. There are so many really beautiful areas there and the people are so wonderful, friendly and interesting.
Sure didn't get anything plate or Etsy related done today...oops!

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