Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day is almost gone....

and nothing much accomplished today. I'm always feeling a little bit guilty if I don't get through at least 3/4 of my daily 'To Do List.'

I had to get up really early for me (7 AM) as I had a doctor's appointment. That's never much fun as they have such a difficult time taking blood from me...this girl today was amazing. She got it first shot!

I then came home to get everything set up for my husband's meeting. I decided to also make these really tasty Mexican pinwheel sandwiches. They are made with all kinds of good stuff and then put on tortilla shells, rolled up, wrapped, refrigerated and then later cut up in slices....quite good if you like Mexican flavours. The guys must have liked them, as there weren't too many left.

I did a bit of catching up on emails and then just kind of sat in my craft area thinking of new plate designs and stuff I want to make for Christmas.

I made special heirloom Christmas stockings for my girls, their husbands, my grandson, and my husband last year. Now we have our new little grandaughter and I need to get started on her special stocking. I have purchased all that is required to make it, I just need to get moving with it. They are a tremendous amount of work, but I got such pleasure making them last year. Hopefully, it will be something they can keep long after I'm gone.

Tonight, no energy left. I'll explore my Etsy site and maybe partake in a few forums and then probably play some online poker(the free stuff)....just for fun. Although one has to think about it when they play, it doesn't expend much energy.

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